Puppy Uglies?? What's that???
So you have purchased a Pomeranian pup, and it is adorable!!!
This cute little face, that thick fluffy coat, this absolutely sweet,
spunky and affectionate little furball!
You are enchanted - potty training is moving along fine -you
love that pom baby and it loves you right back. 

Then it happens your pup is now about 4-8 months old,
you suddenly notice that the fur is getting a bit stringy and
wispy, or that your pom all of the sudden doesn't look like a pom
any more.
Your husband points out that you have been
had, and that you paid way too much for that dog anyway. Your
girl friend says that's ok - it's the personality that counts.

Now what? Calm down - and get a camera - 
it's just the puppy uglies. And it's funny looking back and comparing
the photos. Most Pomeranian pups go through a very thorough case
of the puppy uglies.
A few breeze just through replacing one coat with the other without
you even noticing.
Some just seem to shed a bit more than what you had expected.
Here's what's happening - the baby fluff comes out and they
tend to look very straggly or shaggy.
That is absolutely normal - do not worry, as it all comes back.
Generally - by the time your pup is 10-12 months old - it varies a
bit with the season - coats thicken (faster during the winter
months) he or she is in a full coat.

Chula 7 weeks old
We still think she's cute...
.6 months old!!
Chula 11 weeks old
Chula 1 yr old!!
Her coat is going to be beautiful!!
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