To The Moments
That Make Me Smile.....
Payton & Puppies taking a nap!!
Summer with Talyna's Fake Halloween Teeth!! Haha!! I looked over & this was the look I got!! Still LMAO!!
Mr. Maxwell Watson wants to go to the park I think!!
Max making Daddy Fetch!!!
Mia hiding & ready to pounce on unaware passerbys!!!!
Talyna & Terrina bored I guess!! What talent!! I'm proud!!!
Payton just loving his walk!!
YES! That's a real deer who just decided to take a walk too!!
This Pic was really hard to get!!
Cuz this is how they usually treat the photographer!!!
Summer's Rough Life!!!
Legolas & His Siblings!!
I'll nap with you Tricia!!
Christmas SMOOTCH!
It wasn't that bad!!!
Pocahontus the model!
Didn't you say bathtime??
MOM!! Snow is Beautiful!! REALLY???
Mia thinks I needs to cut the lawn!!
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