Mia Princess Fluffypants

Lil Chula of Blitzen
 Lady Ruby Galadriel
Our Ladies
Akc / 6lbs
Retired Chilling & helping Mom with the puppys!!
Akc / 5 lbs
Akc / 5 lbs 3oz

Akc / 4 lbs
Akc / 5 lbs
Will Work For Kisses (Willow)
Akc / 4 lbs
Here We Go Again (Echo)
Cream Sable
AKC 4lbs
With A Cherry On Top (Bunny)
Keep Us Waiting (Emma)
Akc / 6 lbs
 Wild flower At Heart 
 Queen Of The Jungle
Akc / 5 lbs
 Charm of Lothlorein
Akc / 6 lbs
My Beloved Summer went to the rainbow bridge on 02/11/2014. She took a huge chunk of my heart and I will forever miss this amazing Pomeranian!! I love her still!!

 Parti-n at NeverLand (Wendy)
Akc / 5-1/2 lbs

Tea for Two
Akc / 5-1/2 lbs
 In the Sky with Diamonds
Akc / 6 lbs

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 Keep On Believing
​ (Cindy)
Akc / 5  lbs

Akc / 5-1/2 lbs
Cream parti

Willow is spayed and enjoying her retirement with her new Mom
Echo is now spayed and enjoying her retirement,
Mia was the most loyal baby ever. Sadly she has gone over the rainbow bridge. I will forever be lost without her..... I was blessed to have her in my life!!
Bunny is now spayed and enjoying her retirement,
Emma is now spayed and enjoying her now home
Chula has crossed the rainbow bridge & left a huge missing part of my heart. She was my first boss.
Alice is now spayed and enjoying retirement with her new Mom.
Lucy is spayed & running the house with my daughter Tiffany
Pheobe is spayed retired and living with my daughter Tiana
Ruby is spayed and living with my daughter Tricia
Cindy is spayed, retired, & rehomed.