We all want our pommie to look great.  Here are some neatgrooming tips that you can use to show your dog....

Use the grooming time for bonding with your Pomeranian.  Movements should be smooth and relaxing.  If you are in a hurry, choose a different time in the day to groom your Pomeranian.  Since the process takes an eye for detail and patience to groom all of the dog's areas, you will want to choose a time where they both of you can be relaxed.

When brushing their hair, use a bristle brush or pin brush
without the knobs on the end that can damage a Pomeranians coat.

It helps to dampen the coat before brushing to help prevent
split ends. You can mix one ounce of conditioner in a spray bottle with
water to slightly wet the coat before brushing.

The Pomeranians long, luxurious coat is its claim to fame.
It can also be a great place to catch stickers, grass, or
pieces of stuff left over from when they go to the bathroom.
Some owners like to trim around the butt area to help
keep their dogs clean.

Always brush your Pomeranian before bathing. This will help
avoid matting. After bathing, you might want to use a hair
dryer on a light or cool setting to dry his hair. Some
Pomeranians love this. Others will pitch a fit. Try it once
or twice and see if it is right for your dog. Blow-drying will
ensure that his coat is completely dry and will keep him
from catching cold.

If you feel comfortable with it, you will need to clip your
Pomeranians nails about once a month for sure every 2 to 3 months with now exeptions.. Be careful to avoid
the quick. This is something you might want to leave
for the groomer. If you do decide to take it on, there are
several different types of clippers made specifically for dogs.

 If you have never trimmed a dog's nails before, you may want to opt for a professional dog groomer to do so.  This generally is not expensive and will ensure that the quick (a large vein) of the dog's nail is not cut. We suggest that anyone who does not have a lot of experience in trimming a dog's nails bring their Pomeranian to an experienced dog groomer for this procedure.

Leaving nails to grow is unhealthy for the dog, as they may quickly become ingrown.  If you will be clipping your dog's nails at home, you will want to be sure to use a very high quality dog nail clipper.  The Pomeranian has a "quick" in the middle of each nail.  This is a vein, that when cut can bleed quite a bit.  If it is cut, this the bleeding can be controlled by using a styptic pencil or solution containing silver nitrate.

You should begin by training your Pom to lay still while you trim the nails. This can be done by laying your Pom on his side and leaning over his body.  Gently hold his paw and touch the nails.  If he lays still, give him a lots of praise to let him know that he is being a good dog.  As time goes by, and your Pomeranian seems comfortable with laying down and allowing you to touch his nails, you can then carefully trim them.

I hope you can use these tips for your own pommie.  They'll
thank you for it!

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