Our Gentlemen
 5 lbs AKC Pointed   
He is amazing & totally captured my heart                             
         Thank You Lori, we love him!
Willie was my first Mommy's boy!
Sadly, he crossed the rainbow bridge in his
sleep.... I will miss him forever!  I do have hundreds of pictures of Him right next to me, but the memories won't be the same as his amazing love.​​ The 11 years just were not long enough for me!! Willie boy, save my chair for me.... I LOVE YOU!!

In loving memory of Quinn who is running on the other side of the rainbow bridge.
Me & Willie
AKC 6 lb adult
 Completely loveable!!
This is our Pocahontas's son & he has an amazing champion pedigree.
AKC pointed  4 lb adult
I LOVE this little man.
Todd is going to retire soon
Champion sired 
Love this little man, he is the happiest pom I have ever Met! An amazing champion pedigree to top it all!!                          
         Thank You Lori, we love him!

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Here to Sire litters for a little bit.
I just love him so he's going home spoiled!​​

Amazing Champion Pedigree
This little man loves to play.... he's happy all the time​​

This amazing little man is from our Mia & Willies bloodlines....my favorite