We can provide a list of breeders we have gotten AKC poms from & that we 100% trust, e-mail Mattilapoms@gmail.com
or if you would like to be contacted when we plan to breed or when we are expecting, contact us at Mattilapoms@gmail.com
or call (906) 285-3745.​

Our Poms are our babies & breeding them is secondary to their
health & happiness.
Also, remember to check back to view all our Pom updates.
All Mattila Poms pups are AKC registered, health guaranteed, and will have 1st shots, dewormed, & vet checked before going to their new home.
Starting Feb 2013, we will offer microchipping.​

We require payment to hold a puppy.
(money orders & paypal accepted 3.2% fee, & Zelle (no fee)
Once deposit is received, weekly updated pics will be e-mailed to you and you are able to facetime (iPhone) with your baby as they grow. FaceTime is great for getting your new baby use to your voice so they know you are their family when they go to their new home..

We reserve the right to refuse any sale to a party we feel
will not give our puppies a loving home!
We require payment to hold a puppy
You must contact us first. We need to verify you are giving a great home to our puppys

Please remember that paypal charges a 3.2% fee

$300 of payment is Non Refundable​
Once final payment is received, for every puppy, Mattila Poms will donate $25.00 in the name you request to the Pomrescue (saving one Pom at a time) or National Humane Society to aide in the fight to stop puppy mills & rescue animals from abuse & neglect.  It is your choice where you would like your puppies donation to go.
I do recommend before buying any pet, visit your local shelter. Shelters are sadly overcrowded & a rescue pet can give just as much love as any purebred pet. Please Visit Pomrescue.com or  Visit  Hearts United. If you are looking at any online rescues,  contact a local shelter to verify they are not scams. Just remember HONEST rescue shelters only charge adoption fees which are minimal. NEVER NEVER get any pet from a puppy mill. Although a puppy mill pet needs to be rescued & needs all the love you can give (& will gladly return that love), saving 1 puppy mill pet leaves MILLIONS behind to suffer greatly. Do NOT give a dime to a puppy mill, you are only paying to give these cruel people more money to abuse more animals. If you are aware of a puppy mill, call your local authorities or the National Humane Society! Once the pets are rescued from puppy mills, you can then adopt them. It is our duty as humans to close puppy mills & leave NO PETS BEHIND! You can contact the human society & ask to be notified when a puppy mill is raided so you can adopt one of the pets. It's a remarkable act of kindness.

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October 5, 2022

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Please only purchase products that are free of animal testing / cruelty 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
— Margaret Mead

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​To avoid scams, NEVER send western union payment, bank transfer, wire deposits. Always ask for more pictures AND a video, always speak to someone, and always meet the person for your puppy before making final payment!! ​
I will always talk to you on the phone, allow you to visit our home, let you facetime with your puppy, & send you a video.​
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Cindy & Jake 2nd delivered 4 girls (2 orange sable and 2 red sable) on August 13, 2022

3 girl is spoken for. Pictures Updated September 16, 2022
All of the girls have found their new homes

We Are planning litters this winter, email Mattilapoms@gmail.com if you wish to be put on a waiting list.
Betty Boop @ 5 weeks old
Orange Sable tiny Girl
15 oz @ 5 weeks​
​Born @ 3.0 oz
Teddy bear muzzle
$2,000​​​​ Found Her New Family
Bella @ 5 weeks old
Orange Sable tiny girl
Born @ 3.2 oz
Charting to be 4lbs​
Teddy bear black muzzle
$2,000​​​​​​ Found Her New Mom
 Brooklyn @ 5 weeks old
Red Sable tiny girl
Born @ 3.3 oz
Charting to be 5lb adult​
Teddy bear muzzle
$2,000​​​​​​ Found Her New Family
Baby @ 5 weeks old
Red Sable tiny Girl
14 oz @ 5 weeks​
​Born @ 3.4 oz
Teddy bear muzzle
$2,000​​​​  Found Her New Family