The Beloved Pomeranian

No matter how much reading I've done on this beloved breed, it is my Poms that teach me the most.

 Breed Group: Toy
Weight: 3-7
Height: 8-11

Overview: The Pomeranian, which looks like it belongs in the lap of luxury,  is a little spark plug. He's lively, bold and inquisitive, too. This makes him an excellent and fearless watchdog despite his tiny size. He's smart and will respond well to consistent training. Poms are sometimes suspicious of strangers and other animals. Poms have been known to show unsurpassed levels of affection and  devotion. They attach to families  and need to be loved back, so before getting a pomeranian make sure you are ready to make a life long commitment. Please read the following ...
"How could You" by Jim Wills before you make a quick choice! It brought tears to my eyes!
The dog's foxy little face and expressive eyes give this little spitz a look of intelligence and slyness. Its ears are small and pointy, resting high on the head. The dog's body is small and squarely proportioned, and its plumed tail is noticeably curved along its back, giving the dog a rather elegant appearance. The cocky little Pomeranian has an unquenchable love for life, and carries itself with apparent disregard for its size. While the Pom is unquestionably a Toy breed, there is clear evidence of his larger spitz cousins in this little dog's demeanor. Ever ready to explore and play, the Pomeranian can keep a child or adult happily entertained for hours. My poms have spent alot of time around my Grandson & they are loving and protective of him and vice versa, I am still aware that any small child might accidentally cause the dog harm, since he is only 3, I do supervise the interaction. My poms are members of a very large family & I do take them to the park & for visits...because I want my Poms very well socialized. The Pomeranian may be reserved toward other dogs and strangers, and will bark incessantly at an unannounced knock at the door or anything that gives it a start. Properly trained the Pom can be quite the little watchdog. Although mine will bark at strangers and than run behind me to hide. They are protective, but not aggressive. Pomeranians are known for being very affectionate dogs, yet at times they may seem much more interested in themselves than anyone else in the house. Like in any breed, however, there is an extremely wide distribution of personalities.The Pomeranian's coat is said to be its glory, though in fact is more accurate to say the dog has two coats: one is soft, fluffy, and thick while the other is long and coarse. The dog's coat can be of any color or pattern, though a fox red is probably the most common color.
The AKC breed standards sets size & descriptions for the pomeranian, although every once in a while one may suprise you.

Today, the pomeranian is a popular companion dog and competitive show dog. A look back into thier history, you will find that they were much larger & learn of thier journey to becoming the small toy breed we all love today. I, personally, find the most interesting piece of the pom history, is that in 1888, Queen Victoria fell in love with a Pomeranian named Marco in Florence, Italy and brought it back to England. I read somewhere, that when Queen Victoria passed away, pomeranians were by her side.

Pomeranians are intensely loyal and protective towards their owners. They are energetic and like going for short walks, but they are generally suited to apartment life. This energetic dog is intelligent, eager to learn, and very loyal to its family. They spend long period asleep or dozing and don't make so many demands on the resources of their owners. Pomeranians would in the right circumstances make a good pet for children or the elderly. They require relatively little feeding, but they love snacks (in our case sweet biscuits and hard cheese!). Pomeranians are quite intelligent, though they perhaps look more intelligent than they really are; and they may take a little while to become fully house-trained. They are easier to house train than most Toy breeds, however. A few chew sticks lying around will stop them from damaging the furniture. They enjoy being groomed and cared for, and many Pomeranians relish going to shows. They will chase strange cats, given half a chance, but they will get on with cats and other pets that live in the same house, and often play with them. Because of their size and smiling faces many people who are otherwise not too keen on dogs find them very attractive. Walking a Pomeranian can extend your social circle! Female dogs are less likely to yap than males. Pomeranians make good watchdogs, and are generally not frightened of even the largest Great Dane. The Pomeranian is a solid and very lively toy breed. They are very bright and clever, and are very committed toward their families. These dogs are very keen on pleasing their owners and families, and also show lots of love and affection. They also portray a very curious nature.

Pomeranian are very little dogs, with outgoing personalities. They also possess lots of character. These dogs are very alert and feisty. Being so bright and clever, they are quick to learn, which makes training a whole lot easier. The Pomeranian is a very caring and kind breed. They thrive on the company of their families. These dogs are also well suited to those with no experience of dog ownership, as well as to the more experienced. It is vital to be confident and assertive in training with these dogs, as some can be domineering and a little obstinate. However, these dogs are also very sociable and friendly.

Pomeranians respond most positively to commands that are firm. These dogs are also very quick to learn new things. They are also very easily trained in obedience. It is important to try and control their barking, otherwise it may become excessive. They may be difficult to housebreak, but with persistence and praise they will eventually get it right. 

Care for your Pomeranian breed
Pomeranians are very intelligent dogs that love to please. Because of their outgoing temperaments, they can be very good family dogs with the right training. Due to their small size they don't require much exercise, but are an energetic breed that needs attention from their people frequently. They possess a thick double coat, which needs to be brushed on a regular basis. Grooming  care and dental care are also necessary. I brush the teeth of my poms and everyone of them hates it. I, also splurge on dental bones and additive for thier water (this they love me for). 

When it comes to GROOMING--- Pomeranians are sometimes called "Puffballs with feet" and require careful grooming.
- Pomeranian grooming has two basic aspects.  You will need to keep good care of his or her coat of fur and you also must pay attention to their nails.   The fur will matt if not groomed correctly and nails will keep growing until they are ingrown; at that point not only will your dog be in pain and suffering but may even need surgery to fix this issue.
Poms do not need as much grooming as some other long haired dogs, however you should brush your Pom 2 or 3 times a week. Be prepared to do extra brushing when the dog is shedding. 
 This toy dog's coat should not be brushed when it is dry. It is best to mist the coat with a bit of water first. If you desire, you may add a bit of conditioner to the water, as well. A bristle or a pin brush is recommended for a Pomeranian. All loose hair from the dog must be removed or the Pomeranian's may get matts which would then need to be removed by clipping. In the case of pet Pomeranians, for the purpose of cleanliness, it is recommended to clip the hair around the Pom's anus. When brushing your pet, make sure to pay attention to the area behind the ears and the groin area, as these areas are problem areas prone to knots and tangles. Poms, also need regular nail care   

These are just some of the general information I have found useful. Please check out my links pages for websites that will give you much more information on caring for your pomeranian. The American Pomeranian Club  and American Kennel Club are a must for alot of information on your pet & show dog. is a must to visit! At this website you will learn alot...from general information to the surprises like the puppy uglies....I found this site helpful to understand what my pom babies were trying to tell me!

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