We live in beautiful Upper Michigan. Our family consists of 5 daughters and 3 adorable grandsons, 3 beautiful granddaughters & our 13 pomeranians. Our poms live in our home with us. We raise them with our family, as a family. Each of our daughters have their own pom that lives with them, but I am more than happy to pom sit. They are spoiled, loved, & enjoyed. And as with our children, they each have their own personality and they make us laugh & enjoy life every day!!

We grew up with a lot of animals & we love the affection animals return. We do recommend before buying any pet, visit your local shelter. Shelters are sadly overcrowded & a rescue pet can give just as much love as any purebred pet. I recommend Hearts United online rescue. If you are looking at any other online rescue, contact a local shelter to verify they are not scams. Just remember HONEST rescue shelters only charge adoption fees which are minimal. NEVER NEVER get any pet from a puppy mill. Although a puppy mill pet needs to be rescued & needs all the love you can give (& will gladly return that love & much more), saving 1 puppy mill pet leaves MILLIONS behind to suffer greatly. Do NOT give a dime to a puppy mill, you are only paying to give these cruel people more money to abuse more animals. Be aware, some puppy mills have websites that make them appear as legit breeders. You are safest if you go to pick your puppy up & do NOT have it shipped. If you are aware of a puppy mill, call your local authorities or the National Humane Society! Once the pets are rescued from puppy mills, you can then adopt them. It is our duty as humans to close puppy mills & leave NO PETS BEHIND! You can contact the humane society & ask to be notified when a puppy mill is raided so you can adopt one of the pets. It's a remarkable act of kindness.

While we are not "new to poms," we have only been breeding poms for 15 years , but more importantly, we are animal lovers. 
Why do we charge money for pups? Our costs are because every female will get prenatal care from our vet. Ultrasounds, vitamins, increased food, AKC litter registrations, etc. The health of our poms & pups is what we require of ourselves. The pups will get vet check ups. The immunizations & dewormers are provided by the vet. Even though a lot of breeders give their own vaccines, I prefer having our vet perform all medical needs.  So the charge for the puppies is the expense to have them & the donation we give to the humane society to stop puppy mills. We don't profit.

Why do we breed since we are saddened by shelters overcrowding? We encourage adoption, but we, also, know that not everyone wants a rescue pet. We are confident in our Poms & we breed the line we most adore. Also, some people want the AKC registration & pedigrees. They want to know where their pet comes from. It is our firm belief that every person needs the pet they love. We've been researching every avenue of  breeding
we could find through AKC, APC, books, the internet,
pedigrees, and speaking with pom breeders & champion trainers across America for years prior to becoming breeders ourselves. We, also, interviewed many vets in our area. We will continue to educate ourselves and research because there is always more to learn & stay updated on. Our pom babies are always letting us know "we don't know everything!!!" So, if you are still interested in adding a purebred AKC Pom to your family....We breed selectively to produce the perfect tiny and healthy pomeranian. We are breeding the line we most adore. We stay within Akc weight standards (of course every now and then one surprises you). We specialize in whites, creams, oranges, reds, sables, and the traditional favorites.

Mattila Poms has a lifetime return policy, which means at any time, for any reason, you may return the pet. We understand that in life things happen & no matter how sad it may be, you may have to return one. New apartment, military, many reasons.
Remember, you can have a rescue pup & a purebred Pom. 3 of our daughters have their own poms & each also has a rescue pet (2 black lab mixes & 1 yellow lab mix). Always love your pet!! It's all they ask for! And they deserve it!

​- Violette

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