Mattila Poms is a small breeder family 
​ of quality AKC registered pomeranians.
We work very hard and are dedicated to bettering the breed.
We breed selectively to produce the perfect tiny & healthy
pomeranian, specializing in white, cream, orange, red,
sable, & the occasional traditional colored pomeranian.
All of our poms get all the attention and love they deserve!
They are all our little angels.

All of our puppies come with full AKC registration, a health guarantee, and are vaccinated, wormed, and vet checked before going to their new home.
They are born and raised in our home with lots of TLC and when they are old
enough, we often take them to the puppy park to make sure they are all very well socialized, with people of all ages.

We want our puppies to go to good loving homes where they will get the love they need. You are always welcome to come to our home to see and pick up your puppy. We are also willing to meet at a location closer to you. We are located in Upper Michigan near the Wisconsin border. We like to meet the new parents & feel it's important for you to see where your puppy is coming from.

Check back often for new arrivals and available puppies and family updates.
You can e-mail us to be notified of upcoming litters.

Please take a minute to view the links on our about Poms page.
Adding a Pom to your family is a very important, life long commitment. Please read "How Could You?" from Jim Willis. It brought tears to my eyes.

Mattila Poms wants every animal to get all the love & attention they deserve & need! 
Mattila Poms has a lifetime return policy - No matter how sad your choice may be, We understand at times in life, things happen where you may be unable to keep a pom. Mattila Poms will always take the pom back. Mattila puppies may NEVER be surrendered to a rescue or shelter or to a puppy mill, or rehomed outside the immediate family without our approval.  

Also, for every puppy that goes to a good loving home, Mattila Poms will donate $25.00 to the National Humane Society to rescue animals & to help stop Puppy Mills. We are now allowing the option to make your donation to

We, do, recommend before buying any pet, visit your local shelter or go to Shelters are sadly overcrowded & a rescue pet can give just as much love as any purebred pet. I don't recommend any online rescues, but if that is what you choose, contact a local shelter to verify they are not scams. Just remember HONEST rescue shelters only charge adoption fees which are minimal. NEVER NEVER get any pet from a puppy mill. Although a puppy mill pet needs to be rescued & needs all the love you can give (& will gladly return that love), saving 1 puppy mill pet leaves MILLIONS behind to suffer greatly. Do NOT give a dime to a puppy mill, you are only paying to give these cruel people more money to abuse more animals. If you are aware of a puppy mill, call your local authorities or the National Humane Society! Once the pets are rescued from puppy mills, you can then adopt them. It is our duty as humans to close puppy mills & leave NO PETS BEHIND! You can contact the human society & ask to be notified when a puppy mill is raided so you can adopt one of the pets. It's a remarkable act of kindness.

Thank you.


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